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The Durango Karate Club trains in the Okinawan martial art of Shotokan Karate-do. 


Since 1993, the Durango Karate Club has been spreading knowledge, appreciation, and practice of the traditional martial arts to a broad audience. The DKC achieves this by offering affordable expert training with black belt instructors representing a variety of traditional karate styles, and a cooperative classroom environment open to a range of ages and skill levels.


The DKC works on a "club" model, rather than a "school." In "schools," there is one teacher, or one teacher's method, being taught and studied. In the "club" model, there are several instructors, each sharing his or her own insights. But every one in the dojo is also both student and teacher -- everyone is always learning, and everyone has something to offer the dojo group.

The DKC's classes historically were offered through the City of Durango Parks & Recreation Department. As of August 2016, though, the Durango Karate Club has become an independent nonprofit organization, still built on the principles of constant learning and improving, inclusivity and team spirit, fun and hard work, and individuality and personal achievement. 

Come kick it up with us!

Training with the Durango Karate Club

The Durango Karate Club is NOT meeting at this time.


We aim to resume training as soon as conditions allow. 

Please check this space again or contact us below for updates.

Contact us about private lessons and workshops for individuals or groups.

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