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Dojo Viejo is a twice-weekly no-contact and non-competitive group martial arts-based workout specifically for adults and seniors of all skill levels who want to prepare and condition themselves for life-long activity and adventuring. These training sessions employ a range of low-impact, bodyweight techniques to maintain and improve one's strength, flexibility, posture, balance, and endurance, and which are adaptable to any age or physical ability. 

A dojo-style team-training atmosphere encourages a supportive environment for individual exploring, striving for, and bettering one's personal best. The objective is for each participant to develop a well-rounded and adaptable "toolbox" of techniques for fitness maintenance and improvement that they can then integrate into their individual lives and shape to their goals, now and forward in their lives. 

Instructed by 60-year-old 4th-degree black belt Ken Wright, this program is rooted in Okinawan karate movement and technique, but without heavy-bag striking or sparring. Previous training in martial arts is not required, but practitioners can benefit from the biomechanics applications and balance practice. 

Training focuses on four groups of activities and drills: 


Strength through bodyweight exercises targeting arms, legs, abs, and the core.

Flexibility via circuits comprised of sports- and yoga-based stretches.

Endurance by engaging in high-intensity calisthenics while developing deliberate breathing skills. 

Movement and balance through practicing traditional karate-style techniques, stances, and kata routines. 

Classes are 90 minutes long, divided into three half-hour sections. [Or, 60 minutes long divided into three 20-minute sections.] Students can choose to attend any or all three sections of a class session: 

:00 - :30  Slow and low-intensity bodyweight, flexibility, and endurance techniques and drills, for warming up, building initial strength and endurance, and learning techniques and drills.

:30 - :00  Karate stances, techniques, and kata practice.

1:00 - 1:30  High intensity bodyweight, flexibility, and endurance techniques and drills.


Comfortable clothes or gi

Yoga mat

Training shoes or barefoot runners (if desired, else barefoot)

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